Welcome to Public Art Etc Kaslo: a place to share photos, information, stories, and resources that connect us here in Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada with others who are interested in art and culture in public places, particularly in small rural communities.

If you’re a policy wonk, please check out Kaslo’s Public Art Policy , which has been in place since 2014. You can also find this on the Village of Kaslo website along with much else.

This website is managed by the Village’s Public Art Committee (a select advisory committee to the village council) and deals with public art and culture in a range of situations, places, and contexts relevant, in one way or another, to Kaslo. The blog (see link below) will be our main vehicle to share information and toss around ideas….feel free to share relevant content, ideas, and comments for everyone to see.

Note: the opinions expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect those of the Village of Kaslo, its elected officials, or staff.


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