This list is continually evolving. If you have a link to a useful, interesting, off the wall, mainstream, thought provoking, ….(or other ) site that would be appropriate to include here please send it along.  In the mean time, we will just keep adding information, ours and yours…


 Public Art : Rural      All about public art in a rural context or setting .

Public Art : Not necessarily Rural: the majority of places in the world that have public art, and how urban relates to rural.

Arts and Culture Blogs: Other sites of interest regarding art and culture in a rural (mostly) setting in Canada and beyond.


The Process part… Bylaws, policies, etc: Public Art. Sites that offer tools and resources which can be used or adjusted for small towns and communities.



Tool Kits: More information and resources on art that can be created, displayed, discussed, inclusive, engaging…etc in a rural setting.


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